James McGrew

Freelance Coder; Web Developer
Beaverton, Oregon, USA
[email protected]
GitLab Page


Since middle school I have been deeply involved with the Internet, especially in coding and gaming. I developed my own basic HTML sites when I was still learning calculus and pre-calc. I've always maintained my own websites, often using custom coding and design. I'm not afraid to learn from others, though (this page is a prime example), and can adapt to others' work.

After graduating high school in 2002, I worked various jobs while searching for direction. I decided to work towards an Associate's Degree in Linux system administration, with a focus on SQL. I continued to code, picking up such languages as C#, JAVA, and of course SQL. With a deeper understanding of HTML and CSS, I continued to maintain my own sites. After graduating, I found a job as a technical support staff member and realized that coding and system administration was my calling.


Coding Languages

  • PHP
  • SQL using mySQL
  • WordPress
  • C#
  • Java

System Administration

  • CentOS/Fedora
  • Ubuntu
  • MySQL via CLI or phpMyAdmin
  • cPanel & WHM
  • LAMP Stack
  • Exim


Chandler-Gilbert Community College graduate of 2011.

Hamilton Highschool graduate of 2002.